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Lusitanio x Oldenberg

 Classical Design


DOB: August 21, 2007



  Photos from Nov 10 2007 

  Photos from Aug 25th 2007 


Lucero was born at 5:30AM August 21, 2007. He is half Lusitanio and half Oldenburg. We waited for what seemed like an eternity for this guy. Lucero is very spunky and already the little athlete that we bred for. You will have to excuse the mud it has been raining none stop for 6 days now. I let the mare and foal out briefly while I cleaned their stall, and of course like a true kid, where would he choose to stand, in the mud of course.

Congratulations Linda on your beautiful new colt!


Sire: Lavrador

Lutsitano Stallion Lavrador


Dam: Rowan

Lucero with Dam Oldenberg Mare 08/25/07



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One day old

One day old

One day old





These photos are when he was only 5 hours old