Appaloosa Sport Horse, Friesian Sport Horse

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We are breeders of premium quality Appaloosa Sport Horses and Friesian Sport Horses with appaloosa patterning.

These horses are bred outside the limitations of the ApHC. Our bloodlines use a Warmblood influence, to produce a horse better suited to sport horse disciplines. It is our goal is to create a true appaloosa patterned Sport Horse.

Sold Horses
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Danish Design

16.1 hands

2008 Stallion-1/2 Knabstrupper x Wap Appaloosa

Sire: Fable-(Knabstrupper)  Dam: Wap's Upon A Time (Appaloosa)           

Born: June 22, 2008 Color: Bright Brown

 Height: Over 16.1  Hands

DNA parent verified and DNA color tested EE AA

Inspected September 28, 2012

Red-High Merit Premium  Utility-Sport Horse

  (This horse is very atletic! He would be a great Eventer)

Photo taken September 28, 2012   Four years old

Video (9.33MB)  These are

Video (6.13MB)  the same.

November 1, 2011



Dane's 2012 Photos

Dane's 2011 Photos

Dane's 2010 Photos

Dane's 2009 Photos

Dane's Foal Photos


Video (7.33MB)

October 6, 2010


Lacca Design 

Gorgeous 2008 MARE!

Mare by Dakest Design

Sire: Darkest Design (Friesian X Appaloosa)

  Dam: PJ's Peppermint Patty (Appaloosa)           

Born: May 23, 2008 Color: Beautiful Bright Bay

 Height: 15.2 hands

This filly is the half sister to Ava the mare listed below

Also half sister to Legendary Design and Elegant Design

All are the offspring of Patty and all are by different stallions

Patty's offspring are all outstanding ! 

This filly is gorgeous and a lovely mover,

inheriting the talents of Patty's offspring!

Inspected September 25, 2010

   Over-all Score of 7.565 Utility-Sport



Photo taken August 20, 2012  Four year old.

Video (6.33MB)

November 1, 2011




Lacca's 2012-13 Photos

Lacca's 2010-11 Photos

Lacca's 2009 Photos

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Milan's Italian Design

2010 Filly -1/2 Friesian  & 1/2 Appaloosa

Sire: Millan-(Friesian)  Ster Stallion

Dam: DC Cheyenne Princess (Appaloosa)           

Born: June 20, 2010 Color: Bay

Homozygous black EE, Bay-Aa (one copy)

Height: Already 15.2 hands




September 28, 2012

Red Premium 7.560





Photo taken September 10, 2012   Two years old

Milly's Pedigree

Milly's 2012 Photos

Milly's 2011 Photos

Milly's Foal Photos



Glamorous Design

Mare by Grand Design

2009 Filly -3/4 Appaloosa & 1/4 Friesian

Sire: Grand Design-(Friesian Heritage Horse) 

Dam: Goin Gal Fleet (Appaloosa)           

Born: June 23, 2009 Color: Buckskin Dun

Homogyous black EE, One copy of bay, cream and dun.

 Height: Already 15.3 Hands

DNA parent verified and DNA color tested EE Aa Dd

Inspected September 25, 2010

Red Premium on a Utility Horse standard




Photo was taken September 20, 2012 (three years old)

Video (4.05 MB)

November 1, 2011

Glamor's Pedigree

Glamor's 2011 Photos

Glamor's Foal Photos



Norsk's Grand Pooba

Colt by Grand Design

2010 Colt -1/2 Friesian/Appaloosa  & 1/2 Saddlebred

Sire: Grand Design-(Friesian Heritage Horse) 

Dam: Opalescence (Saddlbred)           

Born: June 2, 2010 Color: Buckskin with Dun




Pooba's Pedigree

Pooba's Photos

This horse was not bred by Design Sport, but are the offspring of Grand Design



Norsk's Grand Jackpot

Colt by Grand Design

2010 Colt -1/2 Friesian/Appaloosa

  & 1/2 Friesian/Saddlebred

Sire: Grand Design-(Friesian Heritage Horse) 

Dam: Chicklet Norsk-(Friesian Heritage Horse)             

Born: May 21, 2010 Color: Pintaloosa Buckskin with Dun





Jackpot's Pedigree

Jackpot's Photos

This horse was not bred by Design Sport, but are the offspring of Grand Design



Akiana Norsk

Filly by Grand Design

2011 Filly-1/4 Friesian & 3/4 Appaloosa

Sire: Grand Design-(Friesian Heritage Horse) 

Dam: Ana Makia-(Appaloosa)             

Born: June 24, 2011 Color: Buckskin with Dun





Akiana's Pedigree

Akiana's Photos

This horse was not bred by Design Sport, but are the offspring of Grand Design


Darkest Design

 Sold to Denice in Nebraska

2005 STALLION  June 7, 2005 Smokey Black, small white star. This colt appears to have Appaloosa characteristics, so he probably will get some mottling or small spots. He has been DNA tested and is homozygous black and carries one cream gene. This means if bred to bay mares there is a 50% chance of him passing on his cream gene and producing buckskins. His sire is the APPROVED Friesian stallion Mystic Valley's Dante, who is 16.1 hands tall. This colt is very friendly. He should mature to over 16. hands. He has a lovely gold tone to his coat color. You are not looking at sun bleaching, this is the effect of the cream gene. He is handled daily.  A nicer head is hard to find. He is a very nice mover.


Darkest had a number of foals born  in 2009.


Friesian Appaloosa Sport Horse Darkest Design

Photo taken July 22, 2007


Congratulations to

Denice in Nebraska


Video (5.40 MB)

More Photos


Obsidian Black Design

Sold to Megan in North Carolina

2006 Gelding  Sire: Ljibbe's Valour (17.1 hand APPROVED Friesian Stallion) 

Dam: Wap's Foolishly Dun 15.3 hands (Registered as Appaloosa, but is half Irish Thoroughbred)

Born: July 12, 2006  Color: Totally Black.  Height:  16.2 or more.

This colt is by the same sire as  Legendary Design, the patterned colt shown below. He appears to have no Appaloosa characteristics, so he probably will not get any mottling or spots. This colt's dam is from the renowned WAP Appaloosa Hunter Jumper lines from Pennsylvania. This colt is very friendly and easy going.

 He should mature to probably 16.2 hands to 17.0 hands. DNA color tested E/E, a/a (no agouti)


Photo taken May 24, 2008  16 hands


Congratulations to Megan

 in North Carolina


Video (5.0 MB)


Photos from new owner


Current Photos


Foal Photos




Riviting Design

 SOLD to Krystal Pratt in San Diego

 COLT  Sire: Intricate Design (1/2 brother to Grand Design)

 Dam: DC Cheyenne Princess  (Appaloosa)           

Born: July 17, 2008  Color: Bay  Dun. Has a dorsal stripe

 Height: aprx 15.2 to 16. hands  DNA tested E/E A/a also carries a Dun gene D/d



More Photos

Wap Time Design (Tahoe)

Sold to Liane

2006 COLT  Sire: Grand Design  Dam: Wap's Upon A Time (registered as an Appaloosa, but is half Thoroughbred)  

Born: September 30, 2006  Color: Brown dun with white spots, small amount of white on rear foot. Height:

Approximately 16.1 at maturity. DNA tested EE Aa (brown At)

He as the same sire as the mare (Ava) above. This colt is very elegant and pretty!



Photo taken July 4, 2008    15.2 hands

Video 7.2MB 07/15/08

Video 2.9MB Yearling


Current Photos

Yearling Photos



2005 Colt  May 15,  2005 Registered as Mysticial Design. His sire is  Qualified stallion Grand Design. Dezi as he is called is a very athletic colt just like his sire. He is a F2, his mother is also an Appaloosa Friesian cross. His mother is a daughter of Friesian stallion Vanyel  owned by Legend Woods. Young Dezi is maturing to be a exceptional man with lots of bone and very nice movement.  This colt is not owned by Design Sport Horse, but please contact me for details on the sale of this colt.


Appaloosa Sport Horse Mystical Design

September 17, 2006  

More Photos

& Pedigree

Fleet's Enchanted Eve

Eve was bred to

Northstars Bright Sun.

Foundation Fewspot stallion

 for a 2007 foal.



Spotted Meadows Farm

Please contact Meg at Spotted Meadows


Eve's 2007 Colt

ApHC  04/26/03  15.0 hands.

Black with white blanket. She has amber colored hooves, so she may be homozygous.

She is a  full sister to GeeGee


Apendix Buckskin Dun Gelding   

16.0  hands   DOB  May 1990   Not  Registered  Very well trained and responsive. He has probably done some kind of  western speed work. We have used him as a trail horse He is not suitable for a beginner rider. 



Photo taken July 22, 2007

More Photos

Maid by Design

FILLY   Sire: Grand Design   Dam: Diamond Eclipse

Born: May 1, 2004  Color: Bay no appaloosa pattern or characteristics

Height: aprx 15.2 to 16.0 hands 


    Appaloosa Sport Horse Filly-Maid by Design

More Photos

View Pedigree


    Apendix Buckskin Gelding  16.0  hands   DOB  May 1998  

Not  Registered  Has natural jumping ability. He is not suitable for a beginner rider.



Sport Horse-Pheonix

Congratulations Lexa!

Prince Purple Rein (Artie)  

Colt  15.2 hands DOB 03/13/04 Registered: ApHC

This guy was up and running from the minute he was born.

Bay and white. Nice strong colt and very friendly.




Congratulations!!!   Teresa 

in Rosemount  MN

Double Time  

Bay Gelding  15.1 1/4  hands DOB 04/15/00 Registered: ApHC 

Has been trail ridding and ridden down the road with vehicles.

No Vices, perfectly sound !!  Very nice temperament.


Appaloosa Sport Horse-Double Time


 to Pam Johnson,

Ogilive MN


 Black colt, no Appy characteristics  He is 1/2 Appaloosa and 1/2 Friesian  

16.0+ hands at maturity.   DOB 08/09/04  

Registered: Can be International Pattern Sport Horse Registry and Friesian Sport Horse Registered.

 Sire: Nero Dam: Bright Stormy Girl  (His dam is also in the picture) ****SOLD****


Friesian Sport Horse-Markie



Registered Chestnut Arabian Gelding  15.0  hands  

DOB 1986. I have owned Tappy for many years.

He is trained to drive and has done hundreds of  hours on the trail and road riding. 

He is suitable for a beginner rider.  He can teach you!!!  He is totally sound and has no vices. 

 For sale only to the best of  homes !!!!!




More Photos
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