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My Opinion


In today's market of horse trends the Friesian tends to be at the top of the list of "trendy" horses. Unfortunately, this has caused  the horse market to flood with Friesian and Friesian derivatives. It seems that a high percentage of the Friesian colts born these days are left in tact (not gelded) and are then used as breeding stallions. The fillies also seem destined to reproduction, regardless of quality. These "stallions" or "mares" have not gone through an inspection process, nor do they have the performance scores that would help determine is they might be good enough to be breeding stock. Serious conformation faults and genetic defects are over looked just because they are Friesians. I have seen yearling Friesian colts being advertised as standing for stud. They have no inspection scores and they certainly don't have any performance scores.

Because of the Friesian popularity the Friesian Derivatives are also suffering the same fate, if not worse. The market is rampant with Friesian stallions standing at stud. These stallions are breeding everything from crippled ponies to deformed incorrect mares. This is certainly  most disturbing. And, breeding for HAIR, what does that have to do with a sport Horse? The Friesian gene pool is NOT a magic wand that will fix all, in fact the opposite can be true.  I have seen multitudes of horses for sale , where all that is said about them is that they are a Friesian cross. What? nothing else? Who is the foals dam? What does she look like? Why is she and her breed not mentioned?

There are couple of very simple questions to ask when  assessing the "worthiness" of a breeding mare.

Would you breed her to a stallion of the same breed that she is?

Could she produce a quality foal within her breed?  Does she fit the qualifications of a Sport Horse?

Why aren't you breeding her in the same breed? The answer probably should not be: Because I love Friesians or because I love Friesian hair. Most horses crossed to Friesians do not get Friesian hair and feathers.

Is she your pet? Just because you love her and she has a great personality, does not necessarily mean you should breed her.

Has a person in the horse business ever commented on what a nicely put together horse she is, other than the stallion owner who is trying to sell you a breeding?

Friesian derivatives are not Friesians! There should be a breeding goal involved in cross-breeding, something more substantial than the look-a-like aspect of the Friesian fantasy. This is why I feel that in the breeding of the derivative horses it should NOT be just about how much Friesian blood they have. This should not be the indicator of how good the horse is and certainly does not determine it's Sport Horse potential.

There are  just a couple of more comments I would like to make before I jump off my soap box.

Friesians and Friesian crosses DO NOT automatically make Dressage horses!! The truth is that some Friesians should not be breeding at all. Most ARE NOT of  Dressage type. Hair and feathers have NOTHING to do with sport horses!

If I make a comment about movement on my website, it is because I have gotten an opinion from someone in the horse industry ( judges, trainers, etc. ) who have a respected, realistic one.


I know someone will ask me, so here is the answer:

Why do I use Friesian blood? The answer is increased bone, shape,  and outstanding personality of the Friesian Horse. The ApHC only allows Thoroughbred, Arabian and Quarter Horse crosses. They have been bred  for Western disciplines. So, for multiple reasons, I do not wish to breed to these three breeds, in a mix the ApHC calls the Appaloosa.  For me, it is about a patterned Appaloosa Sport Horse. I would also like to point out  most of my horses are 1/4 Friesian, and they are  just inheriting some Friesian characteristics.

I DO NOT breed spotted Friesian look-a-likes.

Thanks for listening,



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