Appaloosa Sport Horse, Friesian Sport Horse

We are breeders premium quality Appaloosa Sport Horses and Friesian Sport Horses with appaloosa patterning in the USA.

These horses are bred outside the limitations of the ApHC. Our bloodlines use a Warmblood influence, to produce a horse better suited to sport horse disciplines. It is our goal is to create a true Appaloosa Sport Horse.

Appaloosa Sport Horse

Ava Minted Design


DOB: May 21, 2003



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DNA tested Black with Dun   So she is a grulla!!!  

Ee aa Dd  Ava  probably has another modifier that lighten her coat

This mare is 16. hands tall.  She is a very brave horse, with adequate energy.

She truly is an Appaloosa Sport Horse. If you look back at her foal photos you

can see that she has changed from having a black mane and tail to the white one she has now.

 It is hard to believe that is mare really is a black and white. She can produce black and white foals.

She is registered with the International Pattern Sport Horse Registry, because she is an Appaloosa Sport Horse.

 She is also be registered Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International.

She has gone through some homely stages growing up, but she is now a big gorgeous mare with a talent for dressage!

Sire: Grand Design

Grand Design at Minnesota Horse Expo 2006

July 13, 2010 Seven years old

Dam: PJ's Peppermint Patty

Appaloosa Mare Patty



Conformation pictures July 13, 2010

(Due to a foot injury Ava did not compete in 2010)





Pig Pen Horse Show May 25, 2009  


Carriage Horse Show May 25, 2009  


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These photos were taken June 08, 2008