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Our Stallion Grand Design

The only Qualified Friesian Appaloosa Sport Horse Stallion in the USA!

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By blending Warmbloods and quality Appaloosas we are producing top quality Appaloosa Sport Horses. Our horses are NOT ApHC Appaloosas, which have been bred for decades to be Western performance horses. Our horses are bred toward  European & American Sport Horse standards. There is more to being an Appaloosa Sport Horse, than just calling yourself one!  Our horses are the pattern of an Appaloosa, but not the breed as defined by the ApHC. We are the Imperial Patterned Warmblood-Appaloosa Sport Horse.

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There has long been a debate as to what an Appaloosa Sport Horse is. The ApHC allows horses that are bred to  Arabians, Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses to be called Appaloosas. The foundation Appaloosa folks do not allow these breeds and they to call their horses Appaloosas. So, then, just what is an appaloosa sport horse? It is our opinion this would be a horse that has the coat pattern of the Appaloosa and is capable of SPORT HORSE disciplines, regardless of the registry or breed. Unfortunately, there has never been a word invented that describes the appaloosa coat pattern, so we continuously have this raging debate as to who is an Appaloosa. There are other breeds that have this same coat pattern and they are not even related to Appaloosas, the Knabstrupper for instance. For purposes of this website and the horses we breed, we refer to them as Appaloosa Sport Horses by pattern only! We are  in no way implying that these horses are bred towards the goals of the ApHC or that of the foundation Appaloosa. Our goal, plain and simple is to breed horses with appaloosa coat pattern that are capable of sport horse disciplines.